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California’s Prop 8: Pro-family, pro-children

The Prop 8 battle is heating up in California. It’s predecessor, Prop 22, passed in 2000 with the support of a commanding 61% of California voters. Earlier this year those voters’ will was overturned by a narrow 4-3 majority of the California Supreme Court. The only way to overturn the Supreme Court’s convoluted opinion is by amending the California constitution. Enter Prop 8, on the ballot this November. [Read more →]

August 13, 2008   19 Comments

Shame on China: Musical fraud & child abuse in Olympics Opening Ceremony

How’s this for emotional child abuse? The little girl who really sang the Chinese national anthem at the Opening Ceremony was not in front of the cameras, according to CNN. She was pulled after her face was judged insufficiently “flawless in image, internal feeling and expression.” I say “she” was pulled. But all they pulled was her face. The girl in front of the cameras lip-synched the number while the singer was concealed in the shadows. [Read more →]

August 12, 2008   10 Comments

57 states? How much does Barack Obama really know about the United States?

Interesting video of Obama, in Oregon, back in May ‘08, saying he’s visited “57 states”. It’s bad enough that he gets the number wrong. But some have questioned whether 57 was a freudian slip.

[

August 12, 2008   13 Comments

Steven Warshawsky: Obama is in trouble

Good analysis, today, by Steven Warshawsky.  Excerpts:

. . . Obama has prestigious degrees from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, but no significant professional achievements to his name. No businesses or organizations he has founded or managed. No law firm partnerships. No important cases he has tried. Not a single work of legal scholarship . . . [Read more →]

August 11, 2008   3 Comments

Harriettape letters: Should courts champion children or the law?

Recently, I have been rhetorically sparring with a Texas AAL over the proper role of the courts in CPS cases and whether Texas SCOT justice Harriet O’Neill violated the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct and Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 18b in relation to the FLDS case. Some readers might find the interchange worth reading. I think it demonstrates how far the CPS-family courts system has strayed from the Constitution. [Read more →]

August 11, 2008   70 Comments

Texas bigamy: Through the Looking Glass

“I don’t know what you mean by ‘bigamy,’” Alice said.

Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously.

“Of course you don’t–till I tell you.”* [

August 9, 2008   111 Comments

French boy bullfighter: What would CPS do?

Here’s an issue that should resonate with some readers. Take a look at this Foxnews article and share your feedback. If this story took place in Texas (or Georgia, New York, California, Arizona, etc.), should CPS take Michelito into custody? Is this boy abused, neglected or deprived?

Here’s a thought, what if Michelito were to visit Texas with (or without) his parents?  Would the State of Texas have the legal power to force Michelito to stay in Texas while they consider whether or not his parents should get to keep him in the family?

Y para Uds, nuestros vecinos mejicanos, este niño se nació en los Estados Unidos de Mexico.  Su madre es mejicana.  Que piensan Uds?

August 7, 2008   8 Comments

Barack Obama hit in the head with a rock?

One gets a feel for why Barack Obama has been slipping in the polls by watching him interact with real people. Yesterday, a seven-year-old Indiana girl asked him, “Why did you run for President?” Obama’s response, which begins with “I got hit in the head with a rock,” leaves me wondering if he actually was and if I mightn’t be better off getting hit myself than listening to Barack talk. He droned on through so many liberal policy-wonk themes that I literally caught myself dozing in the middle of it. [Read more →]

August 7, 2008   4 Comments

Andrew Stephen: Profound American hypocrisy in San Angelo

Andrew Stephen, writing from the U.K., pans the FBI’s Most Wanted list and asks why Warren Jeffs and the FLDS are such a cause célèbre when Hugh Hefner & bunnies aren’t. “Visiting British authors” in San Angelo, take note: some of your fellow Brits are a bit more perceptive than you are. Excerpts: [Read more →]

August 7, 2008   63 Comments

The Rabbit People Who Caused All the Trouble

A lady from San Angelo calls me once in a while, offering leads on stories. She refers to the FLDS — in a loving kind of way — as “the rabbit people” and to Judge Walther — in a not-so-loving way as “the Barbie Doll Judge.” Reading stories tonight to the kids, I ran across this one by James Thurber. Given how some West Texans want to pin just about everything on the FLDS, I found it apropos. [Read more →]

August 6, 2008   9 Comments