Public Integrity Section = oxymoron. When a guy like Eric Holder is appalled at misbehavior by prosecutors, you know it’s all about Horse Racing News. Nice to see the political witch hunt against Ted Stevens finally stuffed in the round file, right where it belongs. More on those naughty DOJ Public Integrity Section prosecutors at NPR.


I keep hoping the folks at the San Angelo Standard Times will get the hang of writing a balanced story on the YFZ affair.  It would have been so easy for Paul Anthony to do just as the SPJ Code of Ethics requires:  “Diligently seek out subjects of news stories to give them the opportunity to respond to allegations of wrongdoing.” But he didn’t.

It is likewise inexplicable that the Salt Lake Tribune would reprint Anthony’s  story, so clearly slanted against the FLDS and in favor of empowering the government to intervene in private lives, without bothering to talk with anyone in the FLDS community or with advocates of less government interference in family life.  Anthony had a great “teachable moment” and fumbled it away. [click to continue…]


Speaking of rookies who crave absolute power, check out this video of a Dallas, Texas police officer apparently so full of himself (and his “blues and reds”) that he kept NFL player Ryan Moats (whom he seems to regard as an inferior) from being at the bedside of his mother-in-law as she lay dying in a Plano hospital.  All to enforce a (carefully) run red light.

At one point, the officer can be heard lecturing Moats, “I can really screw you over.”  Ain’t that the truth.  This kind of thoughtless, calloused power play gives law enforcement a bad name. As Moats’ mother-in-law slips away, the officer preaches to him, “Attitude is everything.”

More on the story at ABC News.


Tim Geithner: A rookie who wants absolute power

by Kurt Schulzke on March 26, 2009

Foreign exchange markets are aghast at Tim Geithner’s bush-league (little “b”) handling of China’s call for a universal world currency. One commentator at the FXTrade Infocenter wrote in Geithner is Rolling the Dice:

[Yesterday], Geithner whose days must be numbered, certainly provided some ‘juice’ for forex . . . initially saying he was open to the idea of a new reserve currency. . . and then clarifying his comments, reinforcing the USD as the world’s reserve currency and saying it is ‘likely to remain so’ for some time. This was a rookie mistake causing near panic amongst traders. How long has he got?

He might better ask, “How long have we got until the Obamamobile lurches us into a financial black hole?” My guess is that China tossed their “one world currency” idea out there just to see how Geithner would respond, as in, “Let’s see if this Gigantic Fool has learned anything since he brought Asian financial markets within an inch of chaos in the 1990s?” They got their answer.


Hugo Chavez: Obama a “poor ignoramus”

by Kurt Schulzke on March 25, 2009

I’ve never been a fan of Hugo Chavez.  However, on the subject of Obama’s intellectual attainments (faux Harvard Law degree aside), I think that Chavez can fairly be said — in the sense that it takes one to know one — to be an authority.  ABC News quotes Chavez:

“He [Obama] goes and accuses me of exporting terrorism: the least I can say is that he’s a poor ignoramus; he should read and study a little to understand reality.”

In light of Obama’s near total reliance on teleprompters and his steady stream of cultural and historical gaffes (former Bush infobabe Dana Perino, who first heard of the Cuban Missile Crisis during a press conference, makes Obama look like a, well, poor ignoramus) it’s hard to fault Chavez’ essential argument that Mr. Obama is decidedly under-read.  A video recently posted by Obama’s teleprompter on YouTube really brings it home:


Is Barack Obama a Marxist or just a sociopath?

by Kurt Schulzke on March 23, 2009

Barack Obama’s callous laughter last night on 60 Minutes (vid below) proves either (a) he is delighted at the destruction of America’s financial system because, as a Marxist, this has been his design all along (think, “God Damn America!) OR (b) he is a sociopath, of which more below the jump.  Neither is good news for the people of the United States.

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Three video excerpts of Merril Jessop’s January 2009 deposition in the FLDS case were posted recently on YouTube. They appear below the jump. At this point, I’d rather not characterize them for readers.
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geithnerinpickleThere’s just no accounting for the fickle foolishness of Washington.   Take today’s CNN headline (right) on Tim Geithner.  Guys like Chris Dodd and Tim Geithner — both of whom have behaved with notorious dishonor in the past — are suddenly “in a pickle” over AIG. Why?  Not, this time, because they did anything unethical or illegal.

No, they’re in trouble because they agreed to insist that the government uphold bonus agreements reached between AIG and its employees before the banking crisis began last fall.   The media and Congress — together with a wide assortment of ignorant American hoi polloi — are in a wad over actions that normal, thinking human beings would consider honorable: keeping agreements.

But let’s face it, what is most inexplicable about Geithner is why anyone in Congress ever thought that this guy — widely known to have willfully engaged in tax fraud in his own tax returns and to have played an active role as NY Fed President in creating the financial crisis to begin with — would ever enjoy the trust or credibility necessary to serve as Secretary of the Treasury. [click to continue…]


I’m fed up with Barack Obama’s angry community organizer routine.  His fabricated outrage is so old-school.  The same goes for Barney Frank.  And Chris Dodd and . . . and . . . .  How can anyone take these people seriously? They all supported the AIG bailouts in the past.  Chris Dodd has now admitted that he personally inserted the now famous bonus-preservation text in the TARP bill.  So who’s he mad at?

What exactly did they think “bailout” meant?  AIG is people.  People who expect to be paid.  When you agree to “bail out” AIG, you agree to pay the people whom AIG owes for the services necessary to keep AIG in business.  That would include, as Chris Dodd correctly recognized last fall, industry-standard bonuses as they were at the time they were negotiated. [click to continue…]


In the YFZ Ranch affair, the original Affidavit for Search and Arrest Warrant signed by Texas Ranger Brooks Long gives the impression that the fictitious “Sarah Barlow” (now presumed to be Rozita Swinton) placed her first anti-FLDS hoax phone calls to the New Bridge Family Shelter on March 29, 2008, four days before Long and other Texas authorities launched their April 3, 2008 night-time raid on the YFZ Ranch.

Texas authorities have sought to justify their failure to discover the hoax nature of Swinton’s calls prior to raiding the Ranch by pointing to the short intervening period between Swinton’s first calls and the raid. The apparent thought process goes, “We shouldn’t be blamed for wrongly busting up all of these families in the middle of the night ’cause we just didn’t have time to find out that authorities in Arizona and Washington had received similar hoax calls but had not acted on them.”  Really? [click to continue…]